Plain omelette recipe

Plain omelette recipe
Serves 1
Prep time 3 minutes
Cook time 4 minutes
Total time 7 minutes
Meal type Breakfast, Lunch, Main Dish
Allergy list Egg, Milk
Misc Serve Hot
Description A basic omelette recipe that serves as a good basis for you to add your own ingredients to such as cheese, ham, chives etc.
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Step 1

Omellete mixture in a bowl

Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk lightly. Whisk in the water and add seasoning. Do not over beat the mixture as this will ruin the texture.

Step 2

Butter melting in a frying pan

Heat the pan and once hot add the butter. Tip the pan so the entire surface is coated with butter. Once the butter is foaming add the eggs.

Step 3

Omellete in a frying pan

Leave for 30 seconds and then tilt the pan so any liquid mixture in the middle will run to the sides. Repeat the process until all the liquid has set. Cook until the underside is golden and the top is still slightly runny. To serve, use a spatula and fold the omelette in half.

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If you have tried this plain omelette recipe, what did you think of it?

e.g. Were the instructions easy to follow, did it taste okay, any disasters?

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  • Kelly
    Very easy to follow and my omelette came out perfect, first time I had made one too!
    Posted by Kelly on 17 October 2013 22:54
  • Profile picture of Saymer
    The omelette was great, will cook them again.
    Posted by Saymer on 26 August 2013 20:57
  • Guest
    These instructions were so easy it helped soo much thanks for your help.
    Posted by Guest on 9 October 2012 20:16
  • Gummy Bear
    I tried this recipe when I did my first omelette, I'm 12 and it worked well! except I used olive oil instead of butter and milk instead of water. It tasted just like my parents omelettes though so thank you!
    Posted by Gummy Bear on 7 June 2012 15:27
  • Guest
    That was so good! Definitely using this recipe again!
    Posted by Guest on 23 June 2011 17:10
  • chessny bob
    This is great and easy to make and I'm 13 and the house isn't on fire so I'll be making this again!
    Posted by chessny bob on 29 January 2011 10:27
  • Guest
    I tried this as I hadn't cooked an omelette before. It worked really well and tasted lovely, would cook this again.
    Posted by Guest on 8 September 2010 17:02

Would you tweak this plain omelette recipe? If so, how?

e.g. Add half a chopped onion, use less butter, shake not stir...

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  • Profile picture of Paul
    For a more healthy option, you can use just 1 egg yolk and 3 egg whites.
    Posted by on 29 January 2011 12:10