Need a little help?

Our recipe plugin for WordPress has been installed on thousands of blogs, running on Windows and LINUX based operating systems, as well as with hundreds of different themes and plugins. In most cases there aren’t any issues at all, but sometimes, there is an issue with the way the host server is set up, customised themes or poorly written plugins that cause conflicts.

We are happy to look at individual blogs but we are a small (highly skilled!) team, so have limited time to investigate unique issues. So we have decided it’s best to charge for this service.

Charging is better for you because we will be able to give you our full attention for the duration of the work and it’s better for us because we’ll get paid for our efforts – which is only fair when we fix other people’s WordPress installations.

How much?

$80 – guaranteed fix or your money back.

What will I get?

  • We will investigate and resolve the issue, to get our recipe plugin working on your WordPress blog
  • We won't make any changes to your blog, we will only tell you how to fix it. This way you can be assured that we won't ever break anything
  • The fix will be documented, so you can repeat it in another environment
  • Peace of mind - if we can't fix it, we'll refund your money in full


  • We may need you to run a SQL statement on your database, in order to give us some diagnostic information
  • We may need you to set us up as a user with the Administrator role on your blog for a short period of time
  • We can optionally remotely connect to your computer via services such as Skype, to watch you manage your server

Before you contact us, please try to eliminate the common causes

  1. Try it on your test blog - if you have a test WordPress site (and every blogger should!), try it on there
  2. Try the WordPress default theme – this is very quick and easy to do. If our plugin works on the default WordPress theme on your blog, then there is something wrong with the theme you’re using
  3. Disable all other plugins – if the our plugin works with no other plugins enabled, it means that one of the other plugins is causing a conflict (we have seen this occur with plugins that are poorly written, as they do not comply with WordPress development standards)
  4. Ensure the HTML of your blog is valid – we have seen instances of professional services messing up people’s custom WordPress themes or installations

If you're still having problems, contact us