How to create a successful food blog.

Contains proven methods used by the top food blogs, to gain more traffic and revenue.

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The world has changed dramatically over recent years. Now, via the Internet; you can reach a global audience at zero cost, from the comfort of your living room – and make real money.

The Internet is a level playing field, which means that the opportunity to attract an audience is equal for everyone. Just as an individual on YouTube can attract more eyes than a large corporation with a big marketing budget, a food blogger can attract a large audience to rival the big players in the food industry.

As long as you have great content, a targeted audience, effective marketing, a good technical platform and a lot of enthusiasm, you can build an audience. This book will help you identify and build each of these things.

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Share your passion!

Food blogging is amazing, it's challenging and it's rewarding.

But... before you find out how to do it, you should think to yourself 'why do it?'.

Find the best home for your food blog

We help you discover which blogging service is best for you.

There are trade-offs between simplicity, features and cost.

Take the hard work out of food blogging

Get a consistent look, printable recipes, improved rankings in search engines and many other features.

What's in a name? (hint - quite a lot actually!)

Thinking of a name for your food blog is hard - thinking of one that is available is even harder. We'll teach you how.

"Hear ye, hear ye, check out my food blog!"

Writing great blog posts isn't enough, you need to advertise them to get people to visit.

How to give search engines descriptive data about your blog and how to effectivly market it

We explain Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and how to implement them.

Be analytical

See which of your posts are being read the most, how people are finding your blog and identify ways to improve 'stickiness'.

Word of mouth...

Internet based word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising - so make it easy, encourage it and use it.

People are busy (or lazy). Let them subscribe to your content

Most people won't visit your site every day, so make it simple for them to subscribe to your content.

First impressions count

Look professional and instantly recognisable. Stand out from the crowd.

Design isn't just about looking good

Use design to make your blog look good, easy to read, consistent and retain more visitors.

Break bread with others - without getting crumbs in your keyboard

At its heart, food blogging is a social activity.

From blogging, you will undoubtadly form friendships online - with real people, who you can meet up with offline.

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