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Site update

It has been a busy few weeks here at GetMeCooking. Here is a quick summary of some new features we’ve added:

New Recipe Search

Our initial plan was to get a basic page up to listing all of the recipes and then to make a feature-rich page once we had enough recipes to warrant it. Well, that time has come!

This has meant integrating search features into the user profile page – which links me nicely to...

Improved User Profile Settings


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We have a new logo!

Hopefully you have noticed our shiny new logo at the top of this site! Or perhaps you saw it first on our twitter or facebook pages?

Actually we are having problems getting it to look nice on facebook, but we are looking into it (if you know how to get it to look good on there, please let us know!).

We will be updating the watermark in...

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New Logo for GetMeCooking

As mentioned in my previous blog post, one of our next steps is to improve the visual design of this website.

In our heads, Kevin and I know the sort of look and feel that we want the site to take on, but we haven't yet found any design companies that are a good fit for us (yes, we are that fussy!).

Most designers will tell you that any branding should start with the logo. From the...

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Under the bonnet - recent website improvements

As stated on our About page, Kevin and I are both technically focused and we are eager to develop the best recipe site on the Internet. Over the past few months, we have been working hard on a number of improvements – most of which you will not see!


Search Engine Optimisation

Last year the Bing (and a few weeks ago, Google) search engines, introduced recipe search functions into their standard search results....

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Weekend links #24

Feeling hungry? Then how about a KFC Double Down Sandwich which comprises of two chicken fillets (in place of bread), two rashers of bacon, two slices of cheese and the Colonels sauce.

Or if that isn't enough for you, how about the Burger King Quad Stacker. It has four lots of everything - beef, cheese and bacon!

In a time when the whole world is...

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Weekend links #23

18.7% of children in England leave primary school obese according to the latest statistics. This isn't good. The Jamie Oliver School Dinners program has helped, as has increased food eduction in schools (which still isn't essential), but more needs to be done - both at school and at home.

An interesting (and perhaps surprising) look at the

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Weekend links #22

Could food be transported by tubes (like water) instead of by lorry? The UK based Foodtubes project seems to think so!

What if your phone knew how much water you have been drinking and let you know if you should be drinking more? The i-dration concept fitness...

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Weekend links #21

They give good service, don't require a tip and will never leave a hair in your soup. Are robot waiters the way forward? A restaurant in China seems to think so.

Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook has become the fastest selling non-fiction title of all time. Pukka work from the Essex chef.

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Weekend links #19

200 year old beer and wine finally drunk and I thought I had some old stuff in the cupboards.

An iPhone app that tells you what products in the supermarket are good / bad for you. The grading system is a nice touch to get at an "at a glance" verdict on which brand you should buy.

If you want to get...

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