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We’re in the cloud!

For over a year, we have wanted to host this website in the cloud and for various reasons, we wanted to use the WindowsAzure cloud service. The main thing that was preventing us from jumping straight onto the service were some technical limitations, but they have stepped up some levels of supported software, so that allowed us to get on board.

So a few months ago, we moved GetMeCooking from our own dedicated web server, onto the...

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GetMeCooking Recipe plugin - updates for both the free and premium versions

We have just released new versions of both our free and premium editions of our recipe plugin for WordPress.

Free Plugin

We’ve fixed these things in the free version:

  • Only the recipe title that matches the blog post is hidden when the option is enabled. Before, all of the recipe titles in the blog post would be hidden (assuming you had more than one recipe in the blog post), not just the recipe with the matching title as the blog post
  • Adding...

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Want to be a better food blogger?

We are in the process of writing an ebook about food blogging. It will actually be useful for all types of bloggers, but we are writing it specifically with food blogging in mind.

The book will cover all of the technical aspects of setting up and monitoring a blog, branding, promotion, social media, Search Engine Optimisation (and Search Engine Marketing), how to make your blog load faster (and why it’s important), how to meet other food bloggers, plus many other...

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Recipe plugin for WordPress – free and premium versions

With the overwhelming success of our free recipe plugin for WordPress, we quietly released a premium version of the plugin, which has extra features.

The premium version has been out for a few months now, but we don’t like to shout about things until we know that they have been available for a while and fully tested by several people, in several different environments.

The premium version of our recipe plugin is really an extension of the free plugin – in fact,...

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GetMeCooking Recipe plugin for WordPress version 1.22 – image upload improvements…

Improved ‘Add photograph’ functionality

You can now add photographs from your WordPress Media Library (this was a much requested feature), as well as from your PC and from a direct URL.

Photograph of the Finished Recipe

Added an option to delete it.

Option to hide the recipe title if it matches the blog post title

This used to always be on, but we have now made it off by default and optional.

You can change your preference for...

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GetMeCooking Recipe plugin for WordPress version 1.19 – step this way…

This version of the plugin introduces a few main things:

Narrow theme support

Some WordPress themes have 3 columns, which doesn’t leave a lot of space for displaying recipes. So we’ve added an option so you can specify if your theme uses a narrow design. When selected, this changes the layout and puts the recipe summary information below the main photo rather than squeezing it to the right.

In addition, if you don’t specify a photograph of the...

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GetMeCooking Recipe Template plugin for WordPress version 1.14 - more enjoyable to use

Just 3 weeks after the last release of our Recipe Template plugin for WordPress and we're giving you more features and a nicer interface to play with!

Step grouping

You liked the ability to group ingredients so much that you asked for the same for recipe steps.

Now you can group recipe steps, so you can have the steps for...

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Subtle Visual Design Tweaks

Why make minor design changes?

Every now and then we like to take a step back, review things and try things out.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the code and adding/improving functionality, that the visual design gets a little left behind; so we are going through an excercise now of reviewing each page and seeing how we can make them more awesome.

The first step...

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What's new in the GetMeCooking Recipe Template plugin for WordPress version 1.13?

Our recipe plugin keeps getting bigger and better.

In version 1.13 we have made two main changes:

We’ve moved the Dashboard menu’s

We found an issue whereby if two or more plugins are set to use position 2 in the WordPress menu, only the first one will appear. This issue is inherent to WordPress and is described in WordPress enhancement ticket 16856. Thanks...

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We now have a showcase page for our WordPress recipe plugin

Since releasing our recipe template plugin for WordPress 4 months ago, it has had over 2,700 downloads - which is pretty good going!

Feedback has been fantastic and we are continuing to make revisions to it and bring out new functionality. You'll be impressed with some of the things we have in the pipeline!

Many bloggers have customised the plugin (using the

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