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GetMeCooking recipe plugin for WordPress - Premium version 1.1.2

If you have the Premium version of our recipe plugin for WordPress, please check the e-mail we sent you last night for information on the latest version (1.1.2) and how to install it.

In this release of the plugin, we have added:

  • Language support for Danish and German

and resolved:

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Improving the logon process

As software developers, we are obsessed with the usability and performance of this website. We have written most of the site ourselves from scratch, but for a few things (such as the user logon process), we used code from a third party (this is standard practice).

The software that we have been using for years, now isn’t performing as we’d like; so we have replaced it with something newer and better.

Unfortunately, we have to...

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Tweaking the Landing Page Design

We are always tweaking things. Recently we have changed the design of two of our landing pages:

They have the same basic design, so it made sense to change them both at the...

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A new visual design for GetMeCooking (and PlateJobs)!

It was actually a few months ago now, since we moved to a new visual design for GetMeCooking. Did you notice?

Old design:

GetMeCooking original visual design.

New design:

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As explained in my blog post last August, we have been busy working on a recruitment site for people in the food service industry.

The site (PlateJobs) is now live and open for business. We are really excited about it because it widens our market (which makes life more interesting for us) plus it gives us scope to do...

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We've exceeded 10,000 downloads of our free recipe plugin for WordPress!

I remember Kevin and I working on our recipe plugin for WordPress early last year, rushing to get it ready in time for our Food Blogger Connect presentation in August, but it wasn’t quite ready for then and we didn’t want to release a product that wasn’t up to standard. So we announced it and demonstrated it, but held off from releasing it until 2 weeks later on the...

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We're presenting at Food Blogger Connect 2012

Last year I gave a presentation at Food Blogger Connect (Europe's largest food blogging conference) about our recipe plugin for WordPress, which wasn't even out yet!

Since then, we have had almost 10,000 downloads of the free version of our plugin and we have released a premium version of the plugin...

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Foodies Festival 2012 in Oxford - are you going?

Thanks to winning a pair of tickets on the blog Girl Eats Oxford, we are going to attend the Foodies Festival in Oxford this Sunday.

The event runs from 25th - 27th August and I'll be there on Sunday afternoon.

Please let me know if you'd like to chat with me about...

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Our about page describes why my brother Kevin and I created GetMeCooking - basically it was because we didn't know how to cook and when we looked online, there weren't any recipe websites we liked - so we created this recipe website and a recipe plugin to encourage food bloggers to fill it with really good quality, well written recipes.

The GetMeCooking website and our recipe...

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We’ve moved our WordPress Demo site - into the cloud!

Today we have moved our WordPress Demo site (which showcases our recipe plugin for WordPress) from running on our own web server, to running on Amazon Web Services – i.e. it’s in the cloud.

And we’ve done it for free with appfog

With appfog, we simply had to...

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