Tweaking the Landing Page Design

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Posted 14 January 2013 23:12


We are always tweaking things. Recently we have changed the design of two of our landing pages:

They have the same basic design, so it made sense to change them both at the same time, to keep things consistent.

The original design had an image, title and short overview on each feature. The problem with this is that it didn’t allow us do properly describe each feature, plus we felt that it was a bit too text-heavy.

So we decided to revise the design by removing the overview text and replacing it with a full description of each feature, only now; the description is hidden – you now have to click on each heading in order to view the description for it.

We have made the pop-out description show dynamically (animated), plus it is highlighted yellow, along with the feature that it relates to, so that it is clear what you clicked on.

We think that it’s better for people who want a quick overview of what the two products are about, as well as for people who want to read up on each feature in detail.

Old design:

Old landing page design.

New design:

New landing page design.

What do you think?

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