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Posted 14 June 2011 21:42


It has been a busy few weeks here at GetMeCooking. Here is a quick summary of some new features we’ve added:

New Recipe Search

Our initial plan was to get a basic page up to listing all of the recipes and then to make a feature-rich page once we had enough recipes to warrant it. Well, that time has come!

This has meant integrating search features into the user profile page – which links me nicely to...

Improved User Profile Settings

You can now specify all food allergies and ingredients that you don’t like (and soon any dietary requirements e.g. Vegan). Recipe selections (on the recipe search page) will automatically be filtered based on what you don’t like/want and will also be used to better recommend recipes in the 'you may also like' box on the recipe pages. This saves you time and means you can spend less time worrying and more time looking at recipes you will actually enjoy.

General Tweaks

We have already made some tweaks all over the site to make it look nicer and be more approachable, expect those changes to keep coming this week.

Speed Improvements

We are also continuing to make speed improvements. We have put a lot of effort into making us the fastest recipe site on the Internet. We use Google Page Speed Online to see what they suggest we should change and to compare ourselves to our competitors.

The scores suggest that our site is far more optimised (and therefore faster) than other cooking sites! See for yourself by using Google Page Speed (enter and other food websites - the higher the number, the more optimised the site is for performance). We also use Google Analytics to monitor, track and help us improve page speed throughout the site.

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