GetMeCooking Recipe Template plugin for WordPress version 1.14 - more enjoyable to use

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Posted 19 February 2012 22:50


Just 3 weeks after the last release of our Recipe Template plugin for WordPress and we're giving you more features and a nicer interface to play with!

Step grouping

You liked the ability to group ingredients so much that you asked for the same for recipe steps.

Now you can group recipe steps, so you can have the steps for the cake base, topping and filling clearly listed, which makes cooking easier and more manageable.

Recipe ingredients section

This has been vastly improved, so now it is clear, quick and easy to add and manage ingredients for recipes.

Automatic hiding of recipe information

You asked for information such as region, prep time, cook time, etc. to be hidden if you didn't fill them in. So we have done this.

This allows for cleaner looking recipes, which are easier for your visitors to read.

Insert recipe into post

Now lists recipes alphabetically - making it easier to find recipes you've added, to insert into your blog posts.

Other minor improvements/changes

  • Fixed an ingredient/step duplication issue (caused by pressing save while the page updated)
  • Help icons (the question marks) have been replaced
  • Tooltip help above the question marks has been improved
  • Fixed issue with deleting an ingredient note

Over 3,200 downloads of our plugin so far - thank you very much! :-)

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