GetMeCooking Recipe plugin - updates for both the free and premium versions

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Posted 15 July 2012 16:55


We have just released new versions of both our free and premium editions of our recipe plugin for WordPress.

Free Plugin

We’ve fixed these things in the free version:

  • Only the recipe title that matches the blog post is hidden when the option is enabled. Before, all of the recipe titles in the blog post would be hidden (assuming you had more than one recipe in the blog post), not just the recipe with the matching title as the blog post
  • Adding an apostrophe to a custom heading no longer adds a backslash
  • Preview changes button now shows again. Changes in WordPress version 3.4 broke this

Premium Plugin

In the premium version, we have added some popular new features.

Latest Recipe Slideshow

As well as being able to display your recipes as a list (text and/or image), you can now display them in a slideshow format.

We have even included all these options, so you can get it looking exactly how you want:


You can add the slideshow to any post, page, side menu or widget.

For examples, please see our demo site:

Nutritional Information

You can now add nutritional information to your recipes.

We support detailed and summary layouts, as well as all these options:


When you add information to a recipe, any fields you leave blank won’t be shown on the blog post.

Multi-Language Support

Our plugin is installed in many countries around the world, so it makes sense for it to fully support all languages.

Right now it supports:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

We are keen to have our plugin available in other languages. If you want to see it in your language, please let us know. Plus if you would like to help with the translation, we are willing to give you a copy of our Premium plugin in exchange for a conversion (about 600 phrases).


Thanks to everyone who is using our plugin. The feedback we're getting is amazing and we're thrilled that you're enjoying it.

Please rate us, because it makes us feel special :-)

If you like our free plugin, you’ll love our premium recipe plugin for WordPress – give it a try, with a 60 day, no-quibble money back guarantee!

Thanks - and happy cooking!

GetMeCooking team - Kevin and Paul

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    We will be releasing French and Swedish language packs (along with some new features) very soon!
    Posted by on 30 July 2013 16:16
  • Profile picture of Paul
    @nthmost - Please click on the 'Nutritional Information' section on for screenshots of the summary and detailed nutritional views.

    @Jay - Because Arabic is read from right to left, it would mean that we would have to make design changes to our plugin. We do plan on doing this, but it will take us some time.
    Posted by on 28 July 2013 10:14