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Posted 23 April 2012 20:06


This version of the plugin introduces a few main things:

Narrow theme support

Some WordPress themes have 3 columns, which doesn’t leave a lot of space for displaying recipes. So we’ve added an option so you can specify if your theme uses a narrow design. When selected, this changes the layout and puts the recipe summary information below the main photo rather than squeezing it to the right.

In addition, if you don’t specify a photograph of the finished recipe, the blog post will automatically display the narrow theme design. This is so the ‘at a glance’ text will no longer be bunched up on the right.

Recipe steps – simplified

Recipe steps can now be ordered by drag and drop (apart from within IE9).

Photographs can now be deleted from recipe steps.

Print icon

It didn’t line up on all themes, but it should do now.

Shortcodes – renamed

Recipe shortcodes have been renamed from the format [recipe 1] to [gmc_recipe 1] to prevent possible conflicts with other plugins/themes.

Example recipe

We’ve added a sample recipe, to help newbies see how to use the plugin. This can be deleted if you don’t want it.

Help tab

A Help and FAQ tab has been added to the add/edit recipe page. Note that we are also in the process of re-styling the help and FAQ pages on to make it faster and easier to find information.

Squashed a bug

Fixed a bug when using a custom course type where the slug was different from the name.

Anything else?

Probably. We are always tinkering with the plugin, but we don’t down all the changes we’ve made. Above is just a list of the important ones.

You cook, we’ll code…

Have fun!

GetMeCooking team.

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