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GetMeCooking recipe plugin for WordPress - now supports Romanian and Swedish languages

If you have the Premium version of our recipe plugin for WordPress, please check the e-mail we sent you last night for information on the latest version and how to install it.

It is an optional release as we have only added two language packs - they will also be included in all future releases of the plugin.

In this release of the plugin, we have added:

  • Language support for...

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Getting Geeky at MK Geek Night #7

Last Thursday we attended MK Geek Night #7, along with around 150 other people. This is a quarterly event based in our hometown of Milton Keynes. There were 2 main talks (about 25 minutes each), 3 other talks (around 5 minutes each) and then anyone could go up and give a 1 minute presenation.

So I did a 1 minute presentation, telling the story of how we built a really good recipe site, but found it...

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Updates to our Recipe Plugin for WordPress (Free 1.25 and Premium 1.20)

We have just released new versions of both our free and premium editions of our recipe plugin for WordPress.


Free Plugin


  • Added validation to ensure that the username entered in...

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Pinning GetMeCooking to your Windows Start Screen

For those of you with Windows 8 or above, you can now pin this website to your start menu, for a shortcut to great tasting recipes!

  • Open full screen Internet Explorer (that's the big blue IE from the Start screen, not the one on your desktop)
  • Visit
  • Click the Star to favourite the site, then the Pin to Pin it as a Live Tile
  • Before you finally pin the site, you can click the...

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Email login – with Mozilla Persona

As described in my article ‘User Registration, Log in and OpenID’ (written in September 2009), we removed the ability to log onto this website via e-mail and replaced it with OpenID authentication. The main reasons for doing this were speed, simplicity and security.

When OpenID came out, website owners were quick to embrace it and it is widely used by...

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We've added Twitter Cards

Twitter allows developers to choose from 7 formats, how tweets should appear in Twitter streams.

The formats are:

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We’ve redesigned our home page

You may have noticed that we have totally changed the design of our home page – again. I say ‘again’ because it has actually gone through many iterations over the past 7 years, this just happens to have been a major redesign.

I blogged about our last major redesign last November. Since then, the home page has looked like this:

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GetMeCooking Recipe Plugin for WordPress - Video Demo

A huge thanks from us to Al Onkka who has created a 10 minute video demo of our recipe plugin for WordPress!

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Conversion Guide for Measurements used in Cooking

We've added a quick reference conversion guide for measurements used in cooking.

The measurements aren't exact, we've rounded them off to be more suitable and easier to read.

We have also included this in our recipe plugin for WordPress, so it's there when you want to add recipes to your site and you want to give measurements in imperial, metric and USA...

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Rating Systems for Recipes - They Don't Work

One of the most requested features for our recipe plugin for WordPress is a rating system, that visitors to blogs can use to rate recipes; but people don't really think (or at least they don't tell us) 'why' they want it.

We have thought long and hard (well actually, only for about 8 seconds) and have decided against it.

You see, we only want to include features into our...

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