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5 Reasons to Eat Like your Ancestors

Weight loss is one of the most important goals for so many people these days, as they are aware of the importance of getting fit and staying healthy. The process of losing weight involves going on a fitness regimen that includes a diet program. While there is no shortage of fad diets in the market today, there are very few that can actually provide excellent results. The Paleo Diet is one of the most popular diets today as it provides a wide range of benefits that go beyond weight...

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Starting University? Don't worry about meals - just plan them

Becoming a student and going away to University is an exciting step that many young people take after leaving school. Being a student is different to anything you will have done previously and you realise that there is a completely different way of life for students; you are free to make all your own choices and do what you want to do. For many students going to University is the first time that they have been away from home properly for a length of time and they are soon faced with the...

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My Patients Depend on me to Buy Meat Online

Running the kitchen of a busy, full care home is certainly not an easy job but I do enjoy it. I’ve got my own way of doing things and after twenty years experience I didn’t think there was much I didn’t know about catering. I don’t mean that to sound arrogant, by the way but I’d learnt from my mistakes, from seeing other people make mistakes and know my business inside out. I’m well organised and meticulous when it comes to planning.


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Cosmetic Foodology…has it all gone too far?

‘The garden is a woman’s best source of cosmetic treasures’…Aunt Lillian, Spoonbread & Strawberry Wine p75 – Norma Jean & Carole Darden .

Food stuffs have been used as cosmetic beauty treatments and products throughout time in our quest for good looks, youth and celestial beauty. With the rise of the ‘Foodie’ in the last ten years or so, and a heightened awareness of health and natural...

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Snacks delivered through the door - a review of

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. If you use the first free box offer using the code MM6GHCC then I get £1 to spend on a box of my own.

What is graze box?

You get a box delivered through the door (anywhere in the UK) which contains 4 packages of different snacks, a nutrition leaflet and a tissue. Their tagline is 'nature delivered with healthy snacks' so the packages range from dried fruit,...

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The blandness of supermarket food

Going to the Ludlow Food Festival reminded me of another reason to cook. I normally just think about the savings or knowing the quality or just the fun you get from cooking but looking around at over 140 food stalls reminded me of the sheer variety of flavours a recipe can bring to the same meal.

Take a sausage roll for example, in the supermarket all you can get is a plain pork...

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Asyra Pro Food Intolerance Test – My Experience and Results

I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and competing in a lot of sports. I’ve learned a lot about which foods are good for you, which are not so good and which should be avoided, but I have never had a test to see which foods are good or bad for me as an individual. So when I saw an offer (£59 instead of £195) for an Asyra food intolerance test, I decided to give it a try.

According to their website,...

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Thai Fishing Village

Thai prawns on a plate



This was an experience of a lifetime to see how the local fisherman lived in a small village about an hour from Bangkok Thailand. With our private guide, we took a small boat out onto the ocean at low tide where the oyster beds were, as well as women using colanders to dredge...

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Why are Search Engines being slow to roll out their ‘Recipe Search’ functionality?

What is recipe search?

In January 2010, the Microsoft owned search-engine Bing, announced its recipe search feature. Just over a year later in 2011 (which is like a lifetime in the world of IT), Google announced ‘Recipe View’, which is its version...

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Step 11: Meet other food bloggers

This is part of the series ‘Step-by-step guide to getting started as a food blogger’.

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