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James Wong – and the Homegrown Revolution

Yesterday, I popped into the Buckingham Garden Centre to watch James Wong give a talk, to promote his new book ‘Homegrown Revolution’.

James Wong giving a talk on the HomeGrown Revolution.

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5 kitchen items to make cooking at home easier

A well run kitchen needs gadgets! They don't have to be high tech - sometimes the best tool for the job is a wooden spoon - but they do need to be useful and make cooking easier and more fun! Here are 5 of the most vital items.


It's easy to overlook how important knives are and just put up with inferior quality. Good knives, though, make the job so much simpler and safer! A good knife cuts and does much of the work for you, a bad one tears food and can be...

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Different herbal teas and their uses

When people want to start getting healthy, the first thing they look at is their food. They can cut out all the junk add more vegetables, fruit and lean meats but there is even more you can do.

People don’t often think about what liquid they are taking in their diet. They may cut out more alcohol and stop the fizzy drinks, but being on a healthy diet doesn’t mean you just have to drink water all day. People often think to have a healthy diet you...

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Which oven is right for me?

There is much to consider when choosing the right oven for you. Firstly, there`s the decision about whether to go for a gas or electric appliance. You should think about which fuel suits you better in terms of availability and running costs. Then you need to make sure you have adequate space, especially for larger options such as double ovens, built in grills, range cookers or even an Aga.

The type of fuel you choose may depend on your preference or previous experience of cooking...

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How to make great tasting coffee (with little hassle) at home

Britain used to be renowned for its coffee, but for all the wrong reasons: light brown, wishy-washy liquid made from instant powder that made us the coffee laughing stock of Europe. But over the last decade or so, the standard of our coffee and our appreciation of this magical drink, has been revolutionised and we are now far more likely to ask for a skinny latte than a pot of tea.

So, now that our taste buds have become accustomed to good coffee when we’re out and about,...

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Tastecard – big savings for frequent diners

I have to confess something – I eat out a lot. Often 2-3 times a week and this isn’t a cheap habit, so I’m always looking for ways to save money, without compromising on the quality of the restaurant or take away.

Around a year ago I signed up to the Tastecard introductory offer. This gives you 2 for 1 off of main meals or 50% off of the food bill, depending on the restaurant – which I like because it’s a very...

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Food Blogger Connect 2012 – We Came, We Saw, We Presented (again!)

Following on from a successful three conferences, Food Blogger Connect was back for its fourth appearance.

The venue this year was at a former Victorian Ragged School in Beaconsfield, London. As you can tell it’s not like most schools. It had a fun, quirky atmosphere about it – and was perfect for the food conference.

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ohso - A Review of Chocolate with Health Benefits!

Everybody loves chocolate and everybody wants to eat food that’s healthy. Until now I haven’t seen a healthy chocolate (believe me, I’ve looked!), then I discovered ohso. They are producing chocolate that is 53% cocoa, with 1 billion probiotic things in every 72 calorie bar!

They were kind enough to send me a free sample, which I quickly devoured.

It arrived in a slim white box, which I opened to reveal...

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A Review of Foodies Festival 2012 - Oxford

As stated in our blog, I went to the Foodies Festival in Oxford on Sunday - and er... I ended up going on Monday too!

It was located in South Park, Oxford. On the Sunday, I found a car parking space in a...

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What is Hawaiian Food?

Being from Hawaii, I always chuckle when I see a recipe using the word "Hawaiian" or when someone tells me that they had "Hawaiian Burgers".  What that usually means is that the recipe or the food item had pineapple in it.  I was born and raised in Hawaii and I don't think we ever ate cooked pineapple.  In fact, I think we took pineapple for granted and rarely ate it.  Occassionally it would be added to sweet and sour spare ribs or something like that, but to me it was...

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