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Posted 20 November 2012 15:39


I have to confess something – I eat out a lot. Often 2-3 times a week and this isn’t a cheap habit, so I’m always looking for ways to save money, without compromising on the quality of the restaurant or take away.

Around a year ago I signed up to the Tastecard introductory offer. This gives you 2 for 1 off of main meals or 50% off of the food bill, depending on the restaurant – which I like because it’s a very simple deal to remember. The only caveat is that some restaurants do not accept the offer on certain days (e.g. Fridays or Sundays) or at lunchtimes, but I have found that most restaurants accept it most of the time and I have never been stuck for somewhere to go. Note that the card is only valid per 2 people, so if you’re a group of 4 people, you will need 2 Tastecard’s (I have done this before and they were both accepted).

They have a really good app which you can use to tell you which applicable restaurants are nearby (I tell it to filter out restaurants that aren’t valid at the time I’m searching). You can also search for restaurants and add restaurants to your favourites list. I’ve used it on Android and iPhone, it’s also available on Blackberry.

If you see a restaurant, you can select it to:

  • View its address
  • Phone it
  • View the its website
  • View information about it
  • View the details of the deal
  • Use the sat-nav on your phone to direct you there

The instructions Tastecard give you say that in most cases you need to phone the restaurant to book a table in advance, to ensure you get the deal, but I have never done this. In most cases I’ve simply presented my Tastecard when I’ve asked for the bill and this has never been a problem. I have used it in main chains such as Cafe Rouge,  Strada, Pizza Express and also in independent restaurants.

Get a Tastecard - Discounted!

My card has just expired, so I’ve just ordered a new one – it’s a no-brainer decision for me as it has saved me hundreds of pounds (£GBP).

If you want to try it for free, they have a 30 day trial offer.

Then if you want to buy one, it’s £79.95 for one year. Although with a bit of web-cunning, I have just got it for £30.17.

To achieve that discount, I did this:

So the end result is £30.17

At this price, you’ll break even after 2-3 meals, after which, you will be making savings.

What's in it for the Restaurateur?

In case you were wondering, it is free for restaurants to join Tastecard – their cost is in providing the Tastecard holders with the discounts, the benefit for them is that they potentially get more diners.


So as you can tell, I can highly recommend it!

I haven't had any issues using it, their mobile apps are great and if you eat out (with someone else) more than few times a year, you'll save money.


Article Updates:

  • Quidco discount of £5.32 shown, after I received a tracking receipt e-mail
  • I have recieved the voucher from buyagift (came in a big box!) and I then had to e-mail Tastcard with the voucher details in order to get the Tastcard. This is a lot of time and hassle, but worth it for the saving

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    Hi Paul,

    Great article. We thought you couldn't get a TasteCard any cheaper than the price we featured on FoodVouchers.co.uk but with a couple of extra steps you managed to save an extra £6.32. Fantastic! Enjoy your tastecard!
    Posted by Food Vouchers on 26 December 2012 12:46