Starting University? Don't worry about meals - just plan them


Posted 10 April 2012 16:28

by Guest

Becoming a student and going away to University is an exciting step that many young people take after leaving school. Being a student is different to anything you will have done previously and you realise that there is a completely different way of life for students; you are free to make all your own choices and do what you want to do. For many students going to University is the first time that they have been away from home properly for a length of time and they are soon faced with the reality of having to look after themselves and all aspects of their life.

One part of student life that can sometimes cause problems is cooking. There are different ways to approach student cooking and it can sometimes take a while to find what works best. Some people are able to quickly adapt to a routine of buying fresh vegetables and preparing healthy meals whereas some others may struggle with the prospect of shopping and preparing food. There can often be a tendency to rely rather heavily on take-away food and frozen pizzas and chips but this is perhaps not the best diet to get used to if you can help it and can become very expensive. It can be frustrating having to plan ahead and buy food for meals every week but if you manage to get into a routine then it soon becomes second nature and much less of a hassle. It is a good idea to set yourself a budget for how much you can spend on food to avoid spending too much and running out of money.

When it comes to actually making a meal there are many books which are aimed at students who are learning to cook for themselves and they have simple and easy to follow instructions and very often use readily available and relatively cheap ingredients. If you are in a shared flat or student house then everyone else will be in a similar situation. It can often be a good idea to cook with other people or to take it in turns cooking an evening meal and have house meals as this will give you a break from cooking every day and will also introduce you to other meals which you might not know how to make for yourself.

Student accommodation is usually placed so that it is easy to access shops and amenities. Most of the student houses in UK are all located in good areas and in close proximity to shops so that it is never too far to have to walk back with your shopping. 

Cooking for yourself may be a daunting prospect but one you manage to get in to some sort of pattern of shopping and cooking then it should become much easier and there are always friends and housemates around who you can cook with and maybe learn from.

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