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Posted 5 February 2012 22:38


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. If you use the first free box offer using the code MM6GHCC then I get £1 to spend on a box of my own.

What is graze box?

You get a box delivered through the door (anywhere in the UK) which contains 4 packages of different snacks, a nutrition leaflet and a tissue. Their tagline is 'nature delivered with healthy snacks' so the packages range from dried fruit, olives, nuts, seeds, bread and flapjacks. They have over 100 snacks to choose from.

Graze box with 4 packets of snacks

How does it work?

When you sign up to the site you are automatically set to receive 4 random snacks. You can go to each snack and say 'bin' so you will never be sent it but the default is 'try'. You can also say 'like' or 'love' to increase the frequency of that snack being sent.

There are also filters for non-vegan, non-coeliac and dairy/milk foods if you wish to filter those types of snacks out.

I don't think you can specify what exactly you will get, the best you can do is say 'send soon' but this is not a guarantee that it will come in your next delivery.

When does it come?

You can choose between a one-off or a weekly delivery and you can choose Monday - Saturday. I have had 4 boxes and they always came on the day they said they would. The night before you get an e-mail where you can peek at what you have been sent. The day after your snacks come you get sent a 'rate your snacks' e-mail where you can update your 'bin', 'like' settings etc.

How much does it cost?

It's £3.79 including delivery. Is this worth it? See the next sections on portion sizes and taste to decide.

How big are the portions?

The 4 packets are 12 x 8 x 2cm each. As a comparison, this fruity ploughman's gave 12 flatbreads and enough dip for each. The dried fruit snacks and nut snacks are packed well too. The bread couldn't squeeze in any tighter if they tried however the flapjack I had was 4 small pieces, they could have packed in more, if only it was the same size as the bread (drools)!

Maybe the packets could be larger but then you do have 4 snacks to eat.

Even if they were larger I would still eat them far too quickly, I forget you are meant to snack and graze on them - they are just too nice.

Graze box with 4 packets of snacks close up

How does it taste?

My local supermarket pretty much just stocks salted nuts. I had some chilli and lime pistachios from graze and I've never had such nice flavours. The same goes for the apple and cinnamon flapjacks, you can really taste the cinnamon.

You can choose some dried fruit snacks that contain a few pieces of dark chocolate - this is the best chocolate I've tasted and so for quality their products cannot be beaten.

Graze dried fruit snack

You said I could try a free box..?

Yes and remember that it's free delivery too. Just go to here. If that link hasn't automatically given you the free box offer, then just enter the code MM6GHCC.

Are the snacks healthy?

They are certainly more healthy for you than most things you’ll find in an office vending machine. For the nutritional information, check out their health pageo        They are certainly more healthy for you than most things you’ll find in your office vending machine. For the nutritional information, check out their health page.

Graze nutrition leaflet

Is It easy to cancel?

I hate signing up to free offers and having to go through hoops to cancel, this site is a charm. Just go to your account and there is a 'cancel your deliveries' link where you can cancel all orders or put it on hold for a holiday. All done and cancelled within a few seconds.

Do I still use graze?

I used them with the free box offer and in January they had a promotion of 3 boxes for half price. I would be happy paying half price but I'm undecided if they are worth it at the full price. I don't snack between meals so for me this was a bad habit to start!

I think their food is great. If they sold full sized flapjacks and large rolls based on their bread recipes then I would definitely buy those for a full size lunch as my weekend treat.

I like the idea of the service as it’s a nice surprise as to what you get each week. It also encourages you to be adventurous and to try new foods that I wouldn’t normally buy.

Over to you

Are there any other similar services that you think we should all be trying? Is there anything similar outside of the UK?

Graze box with tissue

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  • Michelle
    I have been doing graze for a couple months now and I love it! The snacks are delicious and portioned out just right. I don't have to worry about eating more than I should with these yummy snacks that are the perfect portion size. I LOVE GRAZE ! Everyone should give it a try !
    Posted by Michelle on 17 April 2014 03:40
  • Guest
    The chili lime pistachios were amazing!! I just received my first box and so far I am thrilled! I hope this experience is consistent and if so, I will be one happy customer. I love the idea and ease of graze.
    Posted by Guest on 4 March 2014 18:52
  • Caroline
    Sylvannia - we can :) Just go onto the website and there is a full description of all the snacks. You can choose to 'bin' them and never receive them, or to add them to a priority list. They even send you an email telling you what is in your next box.
    Posted by Caroline on 17 February 2013 22:39
  • sylvannia
    Shame we cannot look at a list of the snacks prior to ordering, that is what put me off going with the offer WH Smiths are advertising now.
    Posted by sylvannia on 15 January 2013 23:42