A Review of Foodies Festival 2012 - Oxford

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Posted 28 August 2012 20:58


As stated in our blog, I went to the Foodies Festival in Oxford on Sunday - and er... I ended up going on Monday too!

It was located in South Park, Oxford. On the Sunday, I found a car parking space in a residential place nearby and on Monday I was lucky to get a car parking space just outside the park. Actually the organisers did a good job of telling people to use the park and ride via twitter, but the information was not on their website (that’s my only real gripe of the event – the lack of information on the official website).

South Park field in Oxford during the Foodies  Festival 2012.

The tickets were priced at:

  • £38 for a VIP ticket
  • £18 for a three day ticket
  • £10 per day (concession £8)
  • Free for children aged 16 or under if accompanied by an adult.

The confusing thing is that the official website didn’t say what VIP access was…

I liked that children 16 years old and under got in for free because I think it’s important for children to see, experience and learn about different foods. Plus there was a live band, face painting and a children’s cooking area to keep them entertained - as did a certain dog under a table!

Dog under a table.

Luckily for me, I got 2 tickets for free from Kate of Girl Eats Oxford. The staff at the festival didn’t take the tickets off of me when I entered (either time), so I was actually able to use them for both days :-)

The festival was quite big with a good variety of stalls to walk around. It had many independent companies (lots of them were very small), as well as some major brands such as Mars (who were giving away free Mars bar and Snickers bar ice-creams). Sky were also there, giving demonstrations of Sky 3D. There were also presentations taking place throughout the 3 days.

We picked up some churros

Churros and chocolate.

and a coconut flavoured English split cake

English split cake.

and then proceeded to walk around.

It was good to see companies and foods from all around the world. There was tea from Cornwall (the only tea producing area in England) and wine from the other side of the world – New Zealand. There were a wide selections of dips, cheeses, olive oils, fudges, olives, sweets (including a shop that sold very nice tasting vegetarian sweets), meats (including kangaroo, Ostrich, springbok and wild boar – from Kezie), cakes, breads, teas, wines and other items for sale. There were also some stalls selling hardware products, such as BBQ’s, cooking knives, trays, cheese boards and chopping devices.

Kezie Wild Gathering food van.

I really liked the presentation of some of the products such as these 

Jams and marmalades in jars.

Some of the vehicles used by the food venders were very interesting. There was a very tiny van (about the size of a Smart car) which was used to produce coffee, a pizza van with a full sized pizza oven in the back (I would love to have one of these!) and a VW Camper van, converted for giving out free Mars ice-cream samples.

Mars VW Camper Van - giving out ice-creams.

I liked being able to taste the different meats, cheeses, olive oils, dips and even chillies on offer. My brother and I bought some fudge and a cake (that was in the form of a spiral). After getting home I wished I had bought some of the white truffle olive oil that I had tasted because it had a really intense flavour and it would have worked well on pasta, pizzas, salads, etc. Hmm, I might have to get some soon!

I would like to mention and link to more companies that attended, but the official website doesn't have a listing.

Overall I thought the event was well organised, I had a really good time and I’ll look forward to going again next year! The only difference with next year is that I won’t eat before I go (I filled up on free samples!!!).

See our facebook page for more photographs of the event.

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    Nice review and photos. I recently came across a blog post dedicated to this year's event http://www.fantastic-removals.co.uk/blog/tasty-wonders-foodies-festival/
    I'm not that much of a food fan, but seeing as how the festival is gaining more and more popularity, I'm starting to think it might be fun to go just for the sake of going. Who knows, I might even learn how to cook a new meal.
    Posted by Christian Reese on 26 May 2014 11:08