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What we offer

User centricity = relevancy to users

We differentiate ourselves from other recipe websites by being user-centric.

Being user-centric means that we can personalise the site for users, giving them a better user-experience on the site, as well as targeted; more relevant adverts.

We can integrate and target adverts into select user groups, select recipe groups (e.g. recipes that are Italian, vegetarian friendly or suitable for people who are allergic to peanuts), or more generally (if deemed relevant) throughout the site.

What we want

We want to work with advertisers who can offer our users good quality products or deals on 3rd party products.

Ideally we would like to integrate adverts into the site without them seeming like adverts (e.g. affiliate links, articles, product reviews and relevant links to information sources for items such as ingredients).

We want to be innovative in the way that we handle advertising.

The adverts should be relevant to the context of the site - or even better, relevant to the item on the page that the visitor is looking at. We believe that this gives a better conversion rate for the advertiser, is less distracting for the users and improves usage on the site.

What we don’t want

We will not add these types of adverts onto our main pages:

As we see them as being obtrusive and distracting.

However, we are open to innovative ideas, such as a microsite, or specific pages that would serve your advert and be good for GetMeCooking. For example, our 'recipe not found' and 'user not found pages contain videos.

We don’t want a lot of visual adverts on our nice, clean site; although if we can make them fit and they are relevant, we will consider a few.

What we measure

Website Content and Usage

We use Google Analytics to record and measure our site usage including: top content, number of unique visits per day, average number of page views per user and the average amount of time that users spend on the site.


We use MailChimp to distribute e-mails. With this we can see how many people subscribe to our e-mail distribution list, how many people read each e-mail we send out, how many times each URL within the e-mails are clicked and how many times the e-mails we send out are shared via e-mail, twitter and facebook.

It also allows us to personalise e-mails by inserting our user's first name, website username and any other information that the user has given us.

RSS feeds

We have separate RSS feeds for all content, articles, blogs and recipes. Everything is automated and we can track usage.


We use Twitter quite a bit to send out links to interesting information and articles (both internal and external to our website). We use the su.pr service (part of StumbleUpon) to increase the popularity and reach of URL’s that we tweet, as well as track the number of re-tweets. Plus we allow our visitors to share our content (such as recipes, articles and user profiles) via tweets.


We track the number of visits and interactions we have on our Facebook page, plus we use 'Facebook share' throughout the site to let users easily share content with their friends.


We monitor the number of people who have circled us on our Google+ page.


We track how many times each item of content is printed.

Soon we will be adding QR codes to printouts. People will be able to scan these with their phone or tablet, to take them directly to selected websites or downloads.

Recipe Plugin for WordPress

Our recipe plugin for WordPress makes it quick and easy for food bloggers to add recipes into their blog posts. See the download stats.

It gives recipes a clear, consistent and easy to read visual design; as well as provide additional functionality, making visitors more engaged. Plus it includes search engine friendly features to help increase visibility and traffic to the blog.

We measure things such as the:

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