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Information on the site and the people behind it.

Our History

Tired of getting take-away food and ready-made meals every weekend, Kevin and Paul (brothers) decided to look on the Internet for recipes we could make at home. Frustrated at the poor quality of recipe websites available, we decided to make one ourselves. So we developed www.getmecooking.com - a recipe site with recipes that have a clear, easy to read format, a photograph for every recipe and a user-centric design (so the site is focused on the individuals using the site), it’s not simply a catalogue of recipes.

After creating the website, we had the obvious problem of filling it with recipes. Many recipe websites get recipes from free or paid-for databases, but the quality of these databases is poor, as they have missing information, text in inconsistent formats, etc.

We wanted people to want to add their recipes to our site – and get benefits in return. That’s when we discovered the world of food blogging. We saw that food bloggers were passionate about producing amazing recipes, but often presented them in an inconsistent (often hard to read) format. Plus they didn’t have indexes (so it was difficult to view all their recipes), recipe management, SEO, the ability to print just the recipe, etc.

We developed a recipe plugin for WordPress, to give food bloggers rich functionality in their own blogs, as well as optionally share their recipes with our website.

The result is www.getmecooking.com – which is an ideal mix of a website that is technically and functionally leading edge, along with recipes from food bloggers, who have a real passion for food and food photography.

Now we can easily find recipes that meet our personal food preferences, see what they should look like when made, follow a simple set of instructions and even upload our own photographs of the finished recipe. In short, we have made it possible to find and make a good recipe with little or no cooking experience.

Our Aims

GetMeCooking Website

The aim of the GetMeCooking website is to make it quick and easy for people to find, try and share recipes that are relevant to the individual.

Most of our recipes are from food bloggers, submitted to us via a recipe plugin for WordPress that we developed.

The website allows users to find and share recipes that they want, while doing lots of clever things in the background. Examples of this are:

As well as simply listing and cooking recipes, we would like to help educate people to learn more about the ingredients that go into recipes, as well as the various different ways of cooking them.

Recipe plugin for WordPress

Food bloggers are passionate about producing high quality recipes with very good photographs and easy to follow instructions – this is exactly what we want on our website.

So we created a plugin that food bloggers would want to use – something that would:

With the plugin, food bloggers get a whole host of features that just aren’t possible without the use of a plugin, plus they get the opportunity to optionally send their recipes to www.getmecooking.com where they will have a link back to the original blog. There will also be links back from the blogger’s user profile on GetMeCooking and the GetMeCooking food blog directory. As well as inbound links, there are additional functional benefits of being integrated with the GetMeCooking website, as well as a number of additional promotional features, which will help lead to an increase of inbound visitors.


GetMeCooking was originally intended to be a website for recipes, its main aim wasn’t to make money (although that is a long-term aim). So we needed something that would complement GetMeCooking, but also be quite quick to set up, simple to maintain and revenue generating. So we looked at several possibilities and finally decided to concentrate on creating a recruitment site for the food service industry.

We couldn’t find any good recruitment websites, yet people were still willing to pay money to have their adverts hosted on sites that gave little information, were poorly laid out, were hard for candidates to use and offered little or no ‘intelligent’ functionality.

We knew we could do better…

So we are in the process of creating a recruitment website that will be easy to use and user centric (both for the recruiters and for the candidates).

We are developing www.platejobs.com – it will be very basic at first, but we will quickly add more features to it.

Our staff

The clever foodies behind the site are Kevin Richardson and Paul Richardson (brothers), from Milton Keynes, England.

Both have a strong background in IT (programming and system administration), as well as big appetites. Unable to find a cooking resource on the Internet that they liked, they decided to make one!

Profile picture of KevinUK

Kevin Richardson


Kevin is obsessed with Oxford, Paris, hats and programming. He watches videos of every developer conference and applies the best bleeding-edge technologies to GetMeCooking

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Paul Richardson


Paul likes swimming, cycling, running, rock climbing, snowboarding, shooting and best of all – eating. He spends his remaining time coming up with intelligent solutions and use cases, that are really simple (often transparent) for the end user

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